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Easy Toddler Approved Snacks for Busy Moms

Toddler Friendly Snacks for Busy Moms

For the past few months, my two-year-old son has all of a sudden become the pickiest eater in the world. We first introduced solids to Zion at 9 months old and he would eat any food you would put in front of him. This included veggies and fruits of all kinds. All of this changed right around the time he turned two. Textures are a big thing for him now. If it looks green or if it has a weird texture, don’t expect him to eat it. As someone who loves to cook, getting a disappointed face of disgust from a two-year-old certainly doesn’t make anyone feel very good (lol). This challenge has driven me to come up with some easy toddler approved snacks that make my life a bit easier.

The Solution

The truth is, I’m figuring this thing out too. Sometimes I worry if Zion is getting all the nutrients he needs when we have rough days figuring out what he wants to eat. I worry when all he wants to do is eat fruit and cheese and throws everything he doesn’t want on the floor. I haven’t come up with an incredible solution just yet, but I do want to offer this piece of advice: Don’t force it. Focus on making the foods that your child does want to eat, vary those and keep trying new things. Sometimes that’ll mean that your toddler will only want to eat pasta for a few days and that’s okay as long as you’re making sure their bellies are full & adding nutrients here and there. Around this time, toddlers tend to communicate very clearly when they’re hungry so trust that when they get hungry your mommy instincts will kick in and you will know. 

Nowadays, my son prefers to eat frozen blueberries, cheese sticks, and raisins more than anything. Any other meal I cook for my husband and me can be a hit or miss for Zion depending on the day or time. This drives me insane, but nevertheless, it’s always a mama win when I’m able to find recipes that he loves (plus sneak in veggies without him noticing—another mama win). 

The picky phase will pass, hopefully (cause’ I’m hoping with you too!). Until then, here are a few toddler approved snacks that Zion has given me a thumbs up on. That’s his sign of approval if you haven’t already seen that in my IG videos.

1. Ozery Bakery Snack Rounds 

Ozery Baked Goods Toddler Snack | Alina Blogs

Perfect kid-sized bites that your littles will love. Try these 3 delicious combinations for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


2. Homemade Cheese Crackers 

Homemade Cheese Crackers

I can guarantee that these are way better than the store bought version plus it’s real cheese!


3. Broccoli Croquettes

Broccoli Croquettes Toddler Approved | Alina Blogs

Sneak in the veggies—mama win!


4. Air Fryer Chickpeas

Protein packed snack in every bite.


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Happy cooking!



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