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It’s Okay To Take A Break

Take A Break

If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who has a lot on their plate. Women tend to juggle a lot…ALL of the time (I think it has to do with how we’re wired). 

Over the past month, I have started to implement slowing down. Not just when it comes to working but slowing down in every sense of the word. 

If you follow me on IG, you’ve probably seen a lot of my posts relating to this topic of self-care and slowing down—not just because it has become a popular thing to talk about, but because I’m actually re-evaluating how I go about my everyday. I decided that I will not sacrifice my well-being for an unrealistic desire for perfection.

While this realization is a huge step for someone like me who is an Enneagram Type 1, I understand that it takes work every single day to implement “slowing down” into my life. A few weeks back, I took a two-week break from social media & a month break from blogging to realign my focus and to breathe.

I started reading a new book, “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, by John Mark Comer which has challenged me in my quest to fully enjoy every second of where I am today. If I’m being honest, this book has been really hard to digest. Mostly because I have a really difficult time taking it easy.

I have however found such beauty and peace understanding that where I am is exactly where I need to be. There is no reason to overwork if I end up losing myself in the process.

This is why it’s perfectly okay to take a break sometimes:

1.You deserve it.

You are worthy of rest. We all need it to function. You work hard, so take a break.

2. We have limitations, we’re human.

Even God rested. What makes us think that in our limited bodies, we don’t need rest?

3. God can do more in 5 minutes than we can in 8 hours.

Enough said.

4. We cannot pour out when we’re running on empty.

Never pour out of an empty cup, it doesn’t benefit anyone.

5. We can care for those around us more effectively if we’re caring for ourselves first.

Motherhood has taught me this one. When I first had my son, I was so engulfed in caring for him (understandably so) that I forgot to meet my own basic needs. While my son needed me during that time, I would’ve been much more rested and energized if I made sure to care for myself during that process. A happy mom equals happy children.

6. When we overwork ourselves, we end up doing way less than if we lived balanced lives.

Isn’t that the truth?! How many times have you gotten so overwhelmed with all you have to do that you end up doing nothing at all? Balance is key.

“Our hurried lives will only cause the precious moments in front of us to flee even faster. When we think we’re doing it all to gain more time, we end up losing time altogether.”

Alina Puente-oby

Think about how years back you were praying to be where you’re at now. Don’t discount where you are right now because you’re so busy thinking about the next best thing. 

Slow down. 

Trust me, you won’t regret it. 



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