Must-Have Amazon Items You’ll Love

At the start of quarantine, our household did an excessive amount of online shopping on Amazon. The cardboard mountain in the garage grew very quick— to the point where I started getting a little worried lol. I think we were trying to get used to the new normal and it seemed like retail therapy (more like retail anxiety) would help. I know I can’t be the only one who also went through this! In the year that we’ve been stuck at home, I have acquired some must-have products on Amazon that I think everyone should have. You can find more of my fave products by clicking the “Shop” tab at the top of the page.

Kid Travel Must-Haves

The Faves

hario cold-brew tea bottle//  I absolutely LOVE this bottle. It’s great for infusing your water with all sorts of fruits or for making cold-brewed tea. 

fuzzy slippers// you’ve probably seen fuzzy slippers like these all over the Gram, here is a super comfy and inexpensive dupe that are great quality!

grosche tea maker// this is my absolute favorite tea maker. You can stick your mug right under to dispense the tea plus it’s dishwasher safe!

sound machine// the sound machine that we used bought when we started sleep training our son stopped working once he turned one, we went through a couple more but the setting sounded super fake and my son hated them. He finally loved this one—we use it for all naps and bedtime! Great for your littles or if you need a little white noise to sleep yourself. 

ergonomic computer mouse// I have very bad wrists and work on my computer for very long hours. This mouse has completely saved my wrist! Seriously, it’s incredible!

satin hair scarf// For all my natural hair ladies that need a big enough scarf to hold all your hair in while you sleep. It comes in so many colors and is super silky! 

Happy Shopping!



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