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Kid Travel Must-Haves

Traveling with kids is a lot. If you’ve done it before, congrats! It’s no easy feat. For the past two weeks, we decided to take a family vacation out of the country with our 3-year-old. Although it was a bit challenging, we had a blast! Below, you’ll find major Kid Travel Must-Haves that are a lifesaver!

Watch to see how to incorporate these products in your travel:

Kid Travel Must-Haves Pt.1

Kid Travel Must-Haves Pt.2

  1. Travel Snack Box: This travel snack box has been such a great travel hack. If you have a kid you know that for short & long distances you need lotsssss and lots of snacks! Add your favorite snacks in the compartments and Voila! Pro tip- parents, pack some snacks you like too.
  2.  Jool Baby Portable Potty: Fits easily in a super small kid backpack. Since we’ve started potty training, we take this with us everywhere—church, outings, travel, EVERYWHERE!
  3. Toilet Seat Covers: Say goodbye to toilet liners  from public bathrooms! We all know kids touch everything 🤢. These toilet liners are way longer on the sides so your child can hold onto the toilet when they sit & not touch nasty germs.
  4. WAYB Pico Portable Car Seat: Traveling with big car seats is THE worst, which is why the WayB Car Seat was a no brainer for us when it came to international travel. When we’re not traveling, we use this one as a second car seat in my in-law’s car. 

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