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The Importance of Having a Great Workspace

The Importance of Having a Great Workspace

I’m really big on spaces. Spaces where you sleep, spaces where you work, where you create and where you eat. It’s so important for our workspaces to invoke peace and comfort. Our moods, inspiration, and energy are directly tied to our surroundings. Think about the spaces that make you feel warm and fuzzy and what fills their four walls. It’s not a coincidence that hotels, restaurants, and specialty stores spend so much time sprucing up their interiors. Why shouldn’t you do the same for your space?

The Process

I’ve always enjoyed spending time at home pre-quarantine, so I’ve continuously made it my goal to make ALL of our living spaces a sanctuary. A place of solitude after a long or stressful day. This is why I’m so passionate with home improvement projects and creating custom art pieces for people’s homes. A few months into the quarantine, I decided to re-launch my painting and art print business. For that, I needed lots of space but every room in our home was taken.

My husband was sweet enough to let me move into his at-home music studio space in hopes that I would finally invest into my business. Let’s be real—sharing an office space wasn’t ideal for either of us with the amount of space we both take up. He has a dozen instruments and I have all of my painting and shipping supplies— a nightmare! We eventually figured out some great storage solutions and made it work (will be sharing those organization hacks on here soon).

For those of you who are wondering what it’s like to share an office space together, the answer is—I love it! I definitely get on his nerves sometimes, but it helps that we like each other a little bit (lol). I think we make a pretty good team. In our newly joined office, I have a small corner to work in, but it’s MY corner. I’ve done everything I possibly can to make sure that my corner fits my needs and feels good to work in. 

Here are some tips to help you create a sanctuary in your home or office:

1. Find Inspiration images of what you want your workspace to look like. 

Make a Pinterest board with inspiration images. Pick out a vibe, some colors, or a mood & try to recreate it within your space! If you’re looking to make a customizable desk space, check out my desk tutorial.

2. Work with what you have.

Remember you don’t have to break the bank. Repurpose, DIY & make it work. Whether you have a huge space to convert into your office or if you only have a small corner in a room (like me)— make it yours!

3. Keep your space organized.

It has been proven that messy spaces decrease productivity. Think about how overwhelmed our brains get when there’s chaos in our environment. Make sure you’re keeping your space tidy! I’m a pretty neat person but that quickly changes with the type of work I do. Painting, designing, and shipping supplies gets real cluttered real quick, so I make sure to clean up in between tasks.

4. Be patient.

Creating the perfect workspace might take some time. It might not happen in a day, so enjoy the process. It’ll get there.

5. Have objects around you that inspire you.

Find quotes, pictures of loved ones, art pieces, or trinkets and incorporate them into your decor. If I’m feeling discouraged, having objects around me that I love brightens up my day. If you don’t want to spend too much money on this, the dollar store can have great pieces for your space.

You might not think it’s important to make your living and workspace visually inspiring, but it’ll make a world of a difference. I get excited every single day to go into to my office/studio space because I’m surrounded by beautiful things that I love— and that makes getting to work a whole lot easier. 

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