About Me

Hi, I’m Alina!

Welcome to Alina Blogs! I am a toddler mom, entrepreneur, wife, visual artist, Christ-follower & tea lover. My passion is to inspire women to find purpose in every aspect of their lives. I wear many hats daily (as you most likely do too!), so expect to find a lot on here– motherhood, DIY projects, food, marriage, entrepreneur life, and everything in between!

I started my first blog back in 2012, with no direction or clear plan. I just knew that I wanted to write and inspire women and hoped that someone would read what I had to say. At that time, my blogging days were on and off and after a couple years and the busyness of college, I parted ways with it.

In 2018, I felt the strong desire of creating a space where I could inspire women once again but was too afraid to begin writing. During that time, I went through a crisis after I graduated college; I decided I no longer wanted to study what I went to school for, I got married, worked a job I hated, went through motherhood, and had no idea who I was all at the same time.

Finally, Alina Blogs came to pass after three years of sitting in fear. Join me on this journey as we continue to grow in purpose, walk in the fullness of who we are & juggle the many things us women have thrown at us. Feel free to comment on posts, follow me on the socials, or shoot me a message. I’m so glad you’re here girl!


About Me | Alina Blogs | Alina Puente Oby

Amazing things happen when you discover the beauty to “just be”. To be yourself in the moment, to be yourself in in every area of your life, to just be who God crafted you to be.”

Alina Puente oby
Fun Facts

I was born in Dominican Republic & was raised in Florida (Spanish is my first language- Saludos chicas!).

I am married to the love of my life, Isaiah, who is a super talented musician, producer, and artist. We have the sweetest and funniest 4 year-old I know: Zion (You’ll be seeing quite a bit of them on here).

I studied Fashion Design in college, but realized that I loved other design-related things way more. I run a Design Studio, run a Painting/Art Print business, am an Associate Pastor at my church, and do a bunch of other freelance projects.

I lived in Chicago for 7 years, but now live in Madison, WI (Yes, I miss Chicago. Don’t remind me).

I don’t drink coffee, but am a tea lover through and through.